Emergency Blue Light Phone

Emergency Blue Light Phones

UCF has over 250 Emergency Blue Light Phones (EBLP) on campus.  All EBLP’s are placed in locations that have heavy foot traffic for both day and night.  These EBLP’s are to be used only during emergency situations.  All ELBP calls go to the University Police Department, where they will locate you and respond to your emergency.

Garage Blue Light Phone


There are many EBLP’s located throughout the campus.  See map (PDF) for locations of emergency blue light phones on campus.  The University has standardized all EBLP’s to look the same.  All EBLP poles will be painted Safety Yellow with Black Writing.

Parking Garages

Every parking garage has EBLP’s located at every stairway on each floor. These EBLP’s are all wall mounted and stainless steel in color. 


If there are any questions about campus emergency blue light phones, please contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at (407) 823-6300 or UCF’s Police Department’s Community Relations at (407) 823-0341.

Light Phone Map